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Midday Dog Walking

Take back your lunch hour with our midday dog walking service.

Dog Walking Rates

Private, leashed neighborhood strolls customized to your dog's needs. Includes water refresh, bringing in packages/mail, & a detailed walk report email with gps & pictures after every walk!

Recurring Schedule

3-5 walks per week

15 mins

30 mins



As-Needed Walks

Rates include 2 dogs

15 mins

30 mins




Availability is Limited

Extended Walk

Dog Park

(60 min)




Homes with 3+ dogs: $5

Weekends/off hours: $5

Holidays: +$10

President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.

Peak Holidays: +$20

Easter, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving, December 24th, 25th, 26th, New Years Eve Day, New Years Day.


Recurring Scheduling
Discounted rates for your Loyal K9

Leashed! Recurring Scheduling is a monthly package with a consistent, weekly schedule.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.

Prime time is 11am - 2pm.

Package Requirements:

Minimum of 3 walks per week

Repeating, monthly schedule

Benefits of a Recurring Schedule:

Discounted Rate

Auto scheduling & billing

Priority spot on our schedule

Prime time Midday hours

Access to our limited Pet Sitting Services

Recurring Schedule FAQ

What if I only need occasional dog walks, as needed?

If you see yourself needing less than 3 walks per week, then As Needed Walks will be the way to go. You can request walks as needed in your portal whenever you need them. We allow last minute requests, but cannot guarantee walker availability. All as-needed walks are approved into weekly invoices and are automatically charged to your account every friday, for walks completed that week. See our FAQ page for a description of our payment and cancellation policies.

If I do not have a recurring schedule but request 3 or more dog walking days in a week, can I receive the discounted pricing?

No. We reserve Recurring Schedule pricing for clients who maintain a monthly schedule on an ongoing basis AND have at least 3 service days per week.

If I have a recurring schedule and a cancellation brings me to only 2 service days for the week, can I reschedule for different time and still receive Recurring pricing?

Yes. As long as the replacement walk is: -The same service as your regular service (ex: both are 30-minute walks) -Scheduled during normal dog walking hours (10am-4pm) M-F during the same week as the walk you want to cancel. -We have availability to fill that request

Do evening and/or weekend walks count toward the 3 service days for Recurring pricing?

No. Evening and weekend walks as well as pet sitting are considered additional services and are not part of the walker’s regular schedule. All regularly scheduled walks are between Monday through Friday between 10:00am-4:00pm.

What happens if I have a regular schedule but I have fewer than 3 walks because I need to cancel some?

If you have a regular, recurring schedule but have fewer than 3 services during a week due to cancellations, you will be charged the As Needed rate for the completed visits. If you do not need service for an entire week, there would be no charge for service. If you need to cancel for more than a week due to vacation or another reason, please notify the office directly via the online portal or email.

Do I have to meet the 3-day requirement during holiday weeks?

No. We will not enforce our minimum requirement on weeks in which there is an observed holiday.

Can I change my regularly scheduled days and/or times?

Yes. If your needs change, you can change your regular schedule by altering your days of service or time frames – as long as your new schedule adheres to at least 3 service days per week.

What if I need to cancel for an extended period of time such as a summer or winter break?

We do have the option to temporarily suspend your service if you will be away for longer than two consecutive weeks. We cannot hold your spot with a specific walker during this time but will guarantee that we will have a walker for you when you return. To place a temporarily suspended status on your account (AKA “go on a break”), please email us with details of your needs.

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Our service makes happy owners and tired dogs!