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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how our dog walking service works through these most common questions from new clients.

How will I know you walked my dog?

Your walker will check in on our mobile app upon arrival, beginning the gps tracking until the end of the walk, when they check out. They will write a visit report card sent to your client mobile app or email (whichever you choose). These reports include a map of where we walked, when we checked in/out, pee/poo?, detailed notes about the walk, and pictures!

What is the payment process?

Leashed! requires a valid credit or debit card on file which will be processed automatically on the invoice due date through our third party, bank level encrypted merchant account in the Time to Pet portal. Clients may choose to pay their invoices before they are automatically charged in the portal.

Do you provide dog walking services on Holidays and Weekends?

Leashed! is closed and does not conduct regularly scheduled dog walks on weekends and Federal Holidays. Holiday walks may be available to regular clients depending on walker availability for a $10 surcharge per visit on non-peak days and $20 surcharge per visit on peak days. Weekends/ Off Hours: $5 fee Non-peak Holidays: President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. Peak Holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving, December 24th, 25th, 26th, New Years Eve Day, New Years Day

What is your cancellation policy?

Single walks and Drop-in services cancelled after 5:00pm the previous business day (Monday-Friday) are subject to a full service charge. Group Walks are scheduled on a recurring monthly basis. Penalty free cancellations, or "excused absences" of up to two weeks worth of the client's regular schedule may be made per year (If client has a recurring schedule of 3 walks per week, then 6 walks may be cancelled at no charge). Group walks cancelled after the billing period may be credited toward the next month's bill as long as the client has remaining "excused absences". Same day group walk cancellations are subject to a full service charge and do not count toward excused absences.

My dog has some aggression or reactivity issues. Will you walk him?

Leashed! will not provide services to dogs that have shown any human based fear or aggression for our own and the client's pet's protection. These pets should be handled by qualified behaviorists only. Leashed! is unable to provide dog walking to overly anxious dogs that are leash reactive, dog reactive, or are excessively hyper in the midst of stimulation like trash trucks or squirrels. Leashed! must protect the safety of it's team members as well as the doggy client. We may decide at any time to discontinue services if we feel your dog is too difficult to handle on walks. Leashed! assesses the pet's temperament at the first scheduled walk, and continuously throughout contracted services. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service if we feel we are unable to safely or comfortably care for the client's pet.

What happens if my dog becomes ill or injured under your care?

In the event of pet emergencies, we assess the pet on their needs. If necessary, we will conduct emergency CPR and immediately transport them to your veterinarian. We will call you to explain our plan of action, as well. If the condition is not life threatening, we will immediately call you if safe to do so and go from there. Clients are responsible for any costs related to the emergency.

How will you handle my house keys?

For security reasons, we do not hold on to client keys. Clients may choose to use a lock box to store keys on their property. You may provide your own lockbox or purchase one from us at the Meet & Greet. Alternatively, clients may provide us with keyless entry codes or garage codes if applicable.

Who will be walking my dog?

At this time, Kiri the owner will be the sole dog walker until we can re-build and bring on a team. We want our clients to know that we usually work as a team, meaning we have a vetted and trained staff that is fully prepared to care for any of our clients so that our team can have a flexible schedule while still being there for our clients.



Getting Started

To get started, follow the steps listed here. Once we receive your completed registration, we will determine our availability and email you within office hours.

How to Get Started


Meet & Greet

Our free Meet & Greet will allow us to meet you and your pets. We'll review your pet care details at your home, conduct a trial walk, and set up your lock box &  test your keys.


Get Leashed!

Now that you are a Leashed! client, you will enjoy scheduling online on your own time. You'll get GPS tracked walk updates with photos and notes after every walk!